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As a passionate entrepreneur, Leo formed Mount Healy Capital with a vision of providing a different kind of exit for business owners. Here is how we do things differently from private equity and strategic buyers. 

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A Succession Plan Tailored for You 

  • Leo is fully focusing on your business. He’s looking to manage the daily operations of the business by relocating to where your company is located. ​​

  • No lengthy transition or owner handcuffs, as Leo is looking to take the reins as quickly as possible. 

  • For owners who’d like to stay involved, we will tailor a plan that lets you focus on where your interests lie (CTO, COO, or board observer, etc). 

  • By contrast, selling to your competitor or a private equity firm will require you to work for a boss or towards certain financial goals post-transaction.  

Preserving Your Legacy 

  • We understand your business is like your baby. So we will treasure it the same way as you do, by preserving your legacy, protecting your brand and maintaining your customers and suppliers.  

  • Your team has been vital to your success and they will be to mine as well. Your team and culture will be my most valuable asset as we continue to grow your brand 

  • A private equity buyer, on the other hand, typically seeks to squeeze profitability out of your business by reducing costs, while a strategic buyer will want to snap your brand and roll it to their own.  ​​

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Realizing its full potential 

  • You’ve won the war of creating your business from scratch. The next chapter of growth will need something very different. Let us help you grow it to its full potential.  

  • With a unique background of tech and business development, Leo is enthusiastic about growing business through innovation, investing in people, and empowering sales and marketing.

  • Leo is supported by a group of experienced entrepreneurs who had great success growing tech companies.

  • Learn more about the team here. -> Link to the “Meet the Team” section on the home page. 

Engaging us with confidence.

  • Mount Healy Capital is backed by a group of dedicated investors with committed capital. These investors have invested upfront to sponsor Leo’s search. 

  • We are confident in offering a fair valuation for your business 

  • Our process is transparent and quick.  

  • Everything you share with us will be completely confidential. (we’ll sign an NDA with you).

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